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Who/What is Bizarre Intentions?

Bizarre Intentions Clitoris Addictions, often abbreviated to BICA or simply Bizarre Intentions, is an American hip hop collective from Miami, Florida. The collective is led by producer/rapper Deuce Supreme, and includes rappers JMR the Beast, Mint Super Fresh, singer-songwriter/rapper MVRCUS, singer-songwriter/rapper/producer Osiris of BlvckLvnd, with producers DAH Trump and DJ Truu. There are multiple groups inside the collective: BlvckLvnd $upreme, Team Swift, Beast Supreme, and DAH Truu $upreme Team.


Bizarre Intentions started out as a couple high school friends who loved to make music. They discovered each other in music classes or mutual acquaintances. The group’s first name was Team Swift, initially just a group of students that used music as a release and formed a bond that was unbreakable or so they thought. Due to various reasons some artists stopped contributing but the three main pieces remained intact. Dah Trump, Deuce Supreme, JMR the Beast with the addition of Mint Super Fresh were the starting members of the Bizarre Intentions. Eventually through encounters the rest of the collective was molded.


Deuce Supreme - Producer/Rapper/Songwriter/Engineer
JMR the Beast - Rapper/Songwriter/Occassional Producer
Osiris of BlvckLvnd - Producer/Singer-Songwriter/Rapper
Mint Super Fresh - Rapper/Songwriter
DJ Tru - Producer/Engineer
DAH Trump - Producer
Pedro - Engineer